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5 Shocking Reasons Why People Buy Counterfeit Goods

Nowadays, it seems everywhere you turn, you are likely to find knock offs and counterfeit goods. People are increasingly buying and using them to the extent of even “showcasing” them. Why is this so? If there wasn’t a high demand for counterfeit products, would there be a growing supply? Absolutely not! So why then would someone deliberately, or otherwise, decide to purchase an “inferior” product?

So, What Are The Reasons Why People Buy Counterfeit Goods?

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Well, we were puzzled so took it upon ourselves to dig deeper into the issue and here’s what we found out:

1. Pricing is a huge factor for many

This has got to be the primary reason because I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know that low-income earners and people who live in poor countries are more likely to buy fake products especially when they are cheaper to afford, and sadly, that’s most of Africa. The logic is usually; “Why should I pay so much for just one product when I can get many of the “same” product at fraction of the price”.  People want cheap and affordable products and knowing that they can get value and “quality” at a reduced price gives them satisfaction.

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2. Social pressure and the need to impress

We presently live in a very digital world where clout and image have become more important than ever and are very potent currencies for buying fame. A lot of us feel the need to live up to society’s definition of rich, stylish, and trendy. We want to show off pictures of ourselves rocking the latest Nike sneakers while flashing that limited edition Rolex with the Gucci shirt to match and who do we mostly turn to for these products? You guessed right; THE COUNTERFEITERS!

3. Fake Goods Are Now Easily Accessible

With the popularity of the internet and the growth of social and e-commerce, the ease of getting fake products in front of buyers is at an all-time high. Add drop shipping to the mix and you have an overflow of fake goods everywhere. Think about it this way; if you flood the market with any particular product such that it’s in peoples’ faces all the time, there is a likelihood that more and more people will buy it. That’s exactly what has happened in the case of counterfeits. They are so much out there that inevitably, people end up buying them.

Will you like to know what makes people buy counterfeit products?

4. Buyers just can’t tell the difference

 If I don’t know how to tell the difference between the authentic and a fake version of a particular product, how do you expect me to deliberately avoid the fake version? This is the dilemma many buyers face at the point of purchase. The fact that these fake products now look and even feel exactly like the original doesn’t help matters either. Counterfeiters have improved and brands need to use and actively make buyers aware of their product’s unique identifiable features.

5. There is Little to No Repercussion for Buying Fakes

If there’s no repercussion for doing the wrong things, people will generally not hesitate to do them. If people can get away with deliberately buying fakes and even be hailed for it, why exactly should they care whether they buy a fake product or not? Now imagine a scenario where you could get a sizeable fine or a jail term for patronizing a counterfeiter or counterfeit seller, would people buy more or fewer counterfeits? You be the judge. Right now, it’s a free world and counterfeits are thriving. 

In conclusion, we, the buyers, are culpable and massive awareness is needed to sensitize the public on the risk/ health implications of buying fake products, and strict laws should be put in place to prosecute those selling and “knowingly” patronizing counterfeiters. If you’re one of those who deliberately buy counterfeit goods, please stop because other than putting yourself at risk, you’re negatively impacting the businesses and brands that have put in the effort to create useful and great products.

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