Chekkit for Consumer Promotions & Loyalty Programs™

The Smartest Way To Spend Your Promotions & Rewards Budget

  • Reward consumers directly at point of purchase
  • Automatically distribute different types of rewards
  • Survey your consumers as they participate in campaigns
  • Monitor winners, spending, and prevent sabotage by middle-men

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Automate Your Consumer Sales Promotions & Loyalty Campaigns

consumer loyalty and rewards programs

Distribute Different Types Of Rewards

You can automatically incentivize your end-consumers with instant rewards like airtime, cash, free products, merchandise, etc. You can also reward consumer purchase with loyalty points which can be accumulated and redeemed for rewards items as listed above.

Collect Consumer Data & Insights

Asides the fact that you can automatically acquire consumer contacts, Chekkit also helps you collect insights directly from your consumers using short intuitive surveys they take as part of their participation in your campaigns

consumer rewards programs
consumer oriented sales promotions

Easily Reward All Types Of Consumers

Deploy campaigns over the web, using ChekkitApp, USSD, SMS or voice. So even if a consumer doesn’t have a smartphone or access to the internet, they can still participate.

Monitor All Your Campaigns LIVE

On your dashboard, you can monitor every penny spent and the consumers that got rewarded. You also get access to the data and insights gathered from your campaigns.

consumer sales promotions

Common Questions About Our Promotions & Loyalty Solution


You can easily run scratch & win or dial & win campaigns, which are already popular and well known by shoppers. Chekkit provides you with the scratch cards, sticker labels and/or codes. You can also run leaderboards and raffle draws for mouth-watering grand prizes.

No! Chekkit is flexible and you can choose between using our sticker labels, scratch cards to be placed inside the product, or by printing the code(s) directly on your product packaging. C

If you use our sticker labels on your product, the consumer can easily see the "Scratch, Verify & WIN" clearly on the label as well as instructions on how to participate. Asides that, we always encourage clients to run extra publicity around campaigns.

You can choose to either reward every consumer that purchases or distribute rewards at random where those who don't win are prompted to try again. You can also distribute multiple rewards in one campaign and share them at random.

Chekkit will provide you with hand-held semi-automatic labeling machines (at a cost) and for label orders above 100,000,000 units (yearly), we will provide you with a fully automated labeling machine to be installed on your production line at no extra cost.

Sure! Chekkit was built to be flexible. Our APIs can connect with software you already use and our campaigns are fully customisable

You get access to consumer data gathered during the process and you can also add surveys to the reward process to gather deeper insights about your consumers, their opinions, their preferences, and the market in general

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Automate Your Promotions & Loyalty Campaigns