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Who Are GS1 Traceability Solution Providers & How To Find Them

Traceability in the pharmaceutical industry is becoming more important by the day. With the growing number of counterfeit drugs in circulation and the need to ensure the safety and quality of medical products, it’s crucial that companies have the right tools to keep track of their supply chain. This is where GS1 solution providers come in.

Traceability of pharmaceuticals activity globally
Map showing traceability activity across different continents

Who Are GS1 Solution Providers?

A GS1 solution provider is a company that has been certified by GS1 to provide solutions that use the GS1 standards. These standards help ensure that data is captured accurately and can be easily shared across different parts of the supply chain. With a GS1 solution provider, companies can be sure that they are getting a solution that meets the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

Gs1 solution providers upload and get data from registry
Gs1 solution providers help to upload and get data from the standards organisation's registry

As GS1’s work doesn’t actually create software products for the supply chain stakeholders, pharmaceutical manufacturers, regulatory bodies, and other supply chain players will have to work with a solution provider to actually implement the GS1 traceability standard.

What Does it Take to be a GS1 Solution Provider for Traceability of Medicines?

Here are the key factors:

1. Understanding GS1 Standards:

GS1 sets the global standards for barcoding and identification, and it’s essential for any solution provider to have a deep understanding of these standards and how they apply to traceability. This includes an understanding of GS1 barcodes, RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) tags, and other identification technologies, as well as the GS1 system for assigning unique product identification numbers (GTINs).

2. Adherence to GS1 Standards:

In addition to understanding the standards, it’s critical for a solution provider to ensure that their solutions adhere to GS1 standards. This includes ensuring that all barcodes, RFID tags, and other identification technologies are properly formatted and assigned, and that all data is captured and transmitted in accordance with GS1 standards.

GS1 epcis pharma traceability standard codes
The types of barcodes that go on different packaging levels in line the GS1 EPCIS standard

3. Integration with GS1 Systems:

To achieve effective traceability, it’s essential for a solution provider to be able to integrate their solutions with the GS1 system. This includes being able to transmit data to GS1’s global data pool, as well as access data from GS1’s data pool as needed. Such data can help you easily spot market diversions where products are ending up in countries they weren’t designated for.

Traceability solution to monitor product movement
Traceability solution to help monitor product movement

3. Expertise in Traceability Solutions:

While understanding GS1 standards and integrating with GS1 systems are important, it’s also crucial for a solution provider to have expertise in traceability solutions. This includes an understanding of the challenges faced by companies in achieving effective traceability, as well as the ability to design and implement solutions that meet these challenges.

How To Find & Work With GS1 Solution Providers

Whether you’re a pharmaceutical manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, or retailer, having access to these solutions can help you achieve better traceability and reduce the risk of market diversions, counterfeits, and other supply chain issues. 

So how can you get the ball rolling?

  1. Identify your Traceability Goals: What are you looking to achieve with your traceability solution? Do you want to track your products from the manufacturing plant to the retail shelf? Are you looking to catch counterfeit products? Knowing what you want to achieve will help you choose the right solution provider.

  2. Shop Around for GS1 Solution Providers: Do your research and compare the different GS1 solution providers. Look at their expertise, experience, and services offered. To see the list of solution providers by country, you can visit the official GS1 website.

  3. Get Personal with Potential Providers: Contact potential providers and ask questions. Evaluate their qualifications and experience. Make sure they have a solid track record in the pharmaceutical industry.

  4. Make the Right Choice: Choose the GS1 solution provider that best meets your needs. Before you choose a solution provider, please go through this article on the 5 most important criteria when choosing your pharma serialization software.

  5. Let the Implementation Begin: Work with your chosen provider to implement the traceability solution. This may include assigning unique identifiers to your products, setting up a central database, and training employees on how to use the system.

  6. Test, Test, Test: Once the solution is in place, test it to make sure it’s working correctly and all stakeholders can access and update information in the central database.

  7. Keep an Eye on Things: Continuously monitor the solution and work with your provider to make updates and improvements. Stay on top of compliance with relevant traceability regulations and standards.

  8. Stay Ahead of the Game: Regularly review your solution’s performance, identify areas for improvement, and make changes accordingly. Your GS1 solution provider will help you monitor and maintain your system, but it’s important to take ownership of the process too.

Chekkit's Role As A GS1 Solution Provider For Traceability

GS1 solution providers in Nigeria

Chekkit is proud to be the first GS1 solution provider in Nigeria, providing traceability solutions to companies across all GS1 compliant countries. Our solution is designed to help companies identify market diversions in real-time, create a tightly regulated eco-system, and use the data to reward good behavior. With Chekkit, companies can be sure that their supply chain is secure and that their products are reaching the right people.

So if you’re a pharmaceutical company or a donor looking for a solution that can help you ensure the safety and quality of medical products, book a demo with Chekkit today. Our team of experts will be happy to show you how our solution works and how we can help you stay ahead of the competition.

As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, supply chain manager, or logistics expert, this technology could help you stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your products reach patients safely and efficiently.

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