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7 Reliable Pharma Serialization & Traceability Software for Manufacturing

In the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring product safety, compliance, and efficiency is essential for both manufacturers and consumers. Serialization and traceability solutions play a critical role in achieving these goals by providing a comprehensive platform for tracking products throughout the supply chain, from production to distribution and beyond. With so many options available, choosing the right serialization and traceability software can be a daunting task for manufacturers.

Packaging serialization with GS1 EPCIS standard

To help simplify the process, this article will explore six reliable pharma serialization and traceability software solutions for manufacturing, highlighting their key features and benefits. Whether you’re a large pharmaceutical company or a small-scale manufacturer, these solutions can help you comply with global regulations, improve supply chain visibility, and ensure product integrity.

6 of The Most Reliable Pharma Serialization & Traceability Software For Manufacturing

Each of these solutions offers a comprehensive platform for serialization, track and trace, and supply chain collaboration, designed to help pharmaceutical companies comply with global regulatory requirements such as the US DSCSA, the EU FMD, and many other such regulations across the globe.

1. Chekkit

Chekkit provides end-to-end serialization and traceability in the most cost-effective ways by either integrating with your production line equipment or by the use of serialized sticker labels post-production. This means that manufacturers do not need to invest in purchasing expensive equipment just to comply with regulations. This is particularly key for manufacturers in developing nations that have to work with very tight budgets.

Chekkit has developed a technology infrastructure that enables you to connect all players in the supply chain to your traceability platform and easily share product data regardless of the software being used by the different players. The level of interoperability of ChekTrace (Chekkit’s traceability software) is one of the reasons that make it stand out.

What makes Chekkit truly better than the other solutions on the list is its ability to collect targeted insights directly from patients. Data on things like side effects, product efficacy, purchase behaviors, or consumer preferences can easily be collected from millions of consumers whenever they verify the serialized codes on your products. This process (seen below) is patented and can’t be imitated by others.

verificatrion of counterfeit drugs traceability

However, you can integrate Chekkit with the other solutions on this list and use them to collect whatever insights you need from your consumers.


SAP ATTP (Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals) provides a corporate serialization repository, serial number management, and regulatory reporting capabilities to help businesses protect their operations and handle large volumes of data with intelligence. The product can help lower costs, increase efficiency, and scale for large volumes. Key features include data integration, serial number management, object and event repository, and country-specific regulatory reporting.

SAP ATTP traceability software for manufacturers

The product is deployed in the cloud and is available as software as a service (SaaS). SAP offers various added services, including support, consulting, and custom application development, to help businesses implement and maintain the ATTP product. The application also has a focus on security and compliance, with SAP taking a proactive and predictive approach to maintain data security in the cloud and on-premises data centers.

One of the star features of SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals is its ability to easily integrate with other SAP systems, such as SAP ERP and SAP Ariba. This enables manufacturers to have a complete view of their supply chain operations and ensure that all data is accurate and up-to-date.

3. Tracelink

TraceLink offers serialization and traceability solutions through its Opus Platform and Opus Digital Network, which can be customized to meet different markets’ unique regulations, specifications, processes, and workflows. The platform includes several applications such as Serial Number Manager, Serialized Operations Manager, and Serialized Product Intelligence, designed to manage big data sets and high-volume transactions.

Tracelink Traceability Software for Manufacturers

With a global network of partners, TraceLink offers a single source of truth for serialization and compliance across different markets, providing strategic planning, deployment, and metrics at the enterprise level. TraceLink’s solutions help companies reduce the time and cost of serialization and increase control and visibility across diverse markets. The company’s offerings are particularly special due to its ability to adapt to changing regulatory and business requirements in different markets.

4. PharmaSecure

PharmaSecure offers solutions for serialization and track-and-trace to help companies comply with global regulations and have control over their supply chain. Their serialization solutions, such as psID manage suite and psID TruTrak, provide robust and customizable hardware and software solutions that comply with various mandates worldwide.

Traceability Software in Pharma pharmasecure

Their track-and-trace solution, psID Trail Track and Trace, uses unique alphanumeric codes to track individual product units at every step of the supply chain, providing real-time insights and data for more intelligent sales and distribution decisions. The solutions are affordable, adaptable, and scalable, making them a great choice for pharmaceutical companies to protect their brand and ensure product visibility and security along the supply chain.

5. Antares Vision

The Antares Vision Tracking System offers a complete software suite for the management of track and trace and e-pedigree drug packages with over 170 plants installed and 5 billion SKUs in serialization and aggregation. ATSFOUR is a software ecosystem that manages the serialization data flow that connects production plants, CMOs, third-party logistics, and authorities.

Serialization and traceability software for pharma manufacturing companies

AV VALIDA is Antares Vision’s solution for verification and decommissioning for the pharmaceutical industry. It equips manufacturers, parallel importers, wholesalers, distributors, repackagers, hospitals, and pharmacies with a scalable and customizable tool to verify, decommission or re-commission the products in their physical possession. The system is available as a web app for any mobile device or desktop station.

6. Systech

Systech is a market leader that offers faster setup, greater control over the serialization process, outstanding support, and the ability to drive down the total cost of ownership through improved efficiency. Its platform UniTrace is a complete, one-vendor solution for supply-chain tracking and meets global compliance requirements. It allows end-to-end supply-chain monitoring and provides a compliant system of record for products. UniTrace provides a complete traceability solution for everyone in the supply-chain ecosystem and meets regulatory mandates and data storage and sharing standards.

traceability software for manufacturing systech

UniSeries on the other hand is the company’s industry-leading serialization software suite that delivers full-stack capabilities to meet serialization and track-and-trace regulations. UniSeries is cost-effective, equipment-agnostic, and comprehensive. It provides a single, enterprise-wide view of serialization and distribution data and meets compliance regulations.

7. Optel Group

OPTEL offers track-and-trace solutions, including serialization, aggregation, and vision systems, for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and agrochemical industries. Its solutions ensure compliance with regulations and protect the supply chain from counterfeit products. The company’s Optchain platform offers end-to-end supply chain digitization and control. OPTEL offers turnkey serialization solutions and flexible custom solutions that are adaptable to meet individual needs.

Optel Pharma serialization traceability software

The company offers many interesting benefits, including integration with distribution/3PL and support from a single vendor. Implementing serialization is a complex process, but OPTEL offers three stages of implementation and emphasizes minimizing interruption to business operations. Beyond compliance, the serialization data from Optel can provide valuable insights that enhance business operations.

In conclusion, any of the 7 serialization and traceability software mentioned in this article are more than able to deliver the goods for your needs in terms of regulatory compliance. SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals and TraceLink for Pharmaceuticals are two of the most widely used solutions, with SAP being particularly popular among large pharmaceutical companies and TraceLink being popular among mid-sized and smaller companies. Antares is also very popular in Europe. For manufacturers in Africa and other developing nations, PharmaSecure and Chekkit offer the most flexible and cost-effective solutions.

The best part is that Chekkit can easily integrate with all the other solutions on the list to help companies engage their last-mile patients and collect targeted insights from surveys. This is important because most of the solutions above track medicines up to the point of dispensing but lack the ability to include the consumer.

If you’re interested in knowing how our pharma serialization and traceability software for manufacturing works, we will be more than happy to walk you through our technology.

As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, this technology will help you stay ahead of the curve and ensure that you can spot new market opportunities long before the competition.