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Is a Customer Rewards Program Still Relevant in 2023?

If you’re a business, you may be wondering if having a customer rewards program is still relevant in 2023. And the answer to this question is yes! In fact, loyalty programs have proven to give businesses many advantages in the modern consumer world. With the social media market continuing to grow, it’s no secret that it can be difficult to stand out amongst the noise. If you’re a business, now is the perfect time to use loyalty marketing as part of your overarching marketing strategy to get repeat business. Here are some statistics to show you just how critical it is to have a rewards program in 2023. 

Customer Rewards Program Statistics

What did you think of the stats? Did some of them surprise you? These stats just go to show you just how seriously you need to take loyalty programs — especially in this day and age. 

We showed you the stats; now, let’s take a look at the 4 specific reasons why you need to have a loyalty program. 

4 Reasons Why You Need a Customer Rewards Program

1. Gives Customers Incentives to Buy More

Customers today are looking for ways to stretch their dollar and save money, and businesses are looking for ways to keep their customers happy. Loyalty programs do exactly that; they both reward customers for repeat purchases and encourage them to make more purchases in the future. In fact, consumers who engage in high-performing loyalty programs are 78% more likely to pay higher premiums just to stay with a brand.

Let’s look at the Starbucks Rewards Program app and how their loyalty program incentivizes customers to buy more. With their rewards app,  customers can load a certain amount of money onto their digital gift card to make purchases in the store. The more a customer spends, the more “stars” (or points) they collect. They can then use their stars to get  free drinks, food, or even merchandise in the Starbucks store. This program encourages repeat business and even sometimes more premium purchases. 

you need a rewards program to increase sales

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2. You Can Track Customer Data

A customer rewards program offers all sorts of benefits, one of which is the opportunity to collect valuable consumer insights. Data from these programs can be analyzed to gain insight into:

  • Consumer habits
  • Preferences
  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Geographic location

This data will then help you better understand your customers, allowing you to offer them products and services that align with their needs. You can also use this data along with marketing attribution tools to optimize your rewards program to ensure its profitability and that the rewards being offered are rewards your customers actually want. 

3. You’ll Stand Out from the Competition

Having a loyalty program is a great way to differentiate your brand from others in the marketplace. If you are looking to stand out in a saturated market, implementing a loyalty program may be just what it takes to bring your business to the next level. 

Think about credit card companies for instance. Many credit card companies offer rewards in the form of travel miles, cashback, or gift cards to get individuals to sign up for a particular credit card. Their rewards may also extend to giving new members a “special award” in the form of points or cash. By offering different incentives, those companies can better differentiate themselves from other credit card companies in the credit card industry. 

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4. It Makes for a Better Customer Experience

Lastly, launching a loyalty campaign makes for a better customer experience. When customers come to do business with you, they aren’t only looking for a product or service, they are looking to have a great overall customer experience too. It might not be at the top of mind when doing business with you, but it will be if your competition offers a better experience.

Giving your customers a different way to engage with your brand is a way to send your brand experience through the roof. If there are no other companies in your industry with customer loyalty programs, you need to be the company that breaks ground. Not only can loyalty programs drive ROI, but customer rewards programs are also fun and engaging for your customers to interact with your brand. Think about your favorite brand loyalty program. Don’t you get excited thinking about how you can collect points or get rewards? 

Fun Fact: 71% of consumers say loyalty programs are a meaningful part of their brand relationships.

How To Reward Your Loyal Customers

All in all, customer rewards programs are worth it if you know how to leverage them effectively. From helping your standout against the crowd to boosting your sales for the quarter, customer rewards programs are far from being obsolete. In fact, with the rise in technology adoption, there is no better time to launch a loyalty campaign than now. 

We only have one question left for you. What are you going to do to stay ahead of the curve? 

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