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Chekkit Secures Drug Tracking & Verification Partnership in Afghanistan!

Africa and Asia are the continents that have been hit hardest by the problem of counterfeit goods. It has always been so for a long time, but not for long. Why? It’s simple, these continents are fighting back! How are they fighting back? With strategic PARTNERSHIPS! Over the years, we have seen several partnerships between progressive […]

10 Most Commonly Counterfeited Products in Nigeria

Africa remains the continent most affected by counterfeits and with Nigeria being it’s most populous country, it’s little wonder the nation is facing an “epidemic” of fake products. From well-known places of commerce like the Yaba and Lagos Island markets in Lagos to the famous Aba market in Abia state and even on e-commerce platforms, […]

Covid19 & Counterfeits: How Can Brands Protect Themselves?

As the global Covid19 pandemic continues to advance, most enterprises have experienced a shift in their business operations. Organizations are fast embracing telecommuting and have also encouraged their staff to work remotely from home in order to curtail the spread of the virus. There has also been changes in our individual daily activities because this pandemic caught the […]

6 Most Dangerous Counterfeit Products

A counterfeit product could mean FAKE or Sub-standard, FAKE is a completely different product packaged like the original and Sub-standard, being a copy of the original but of lesser quality. As the problem of counterfeiting is yet to be completely brought under control, there are products that should be given special priority in the anti-counterfeiting fight. […]

Surviving Counterfeiting In The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The fourth industrial revolution is a new chapter in human development which is characterized by a series of new technologies that bring together the social, political, cultural, and economic world that will bring about change in the way we live and interact with the world around us. The emergence of digital systems, networked communications, machine […]

How Efficient Supply Chains Can Limit Counterfeits

Counterfeiting is one of the largest and trending problems faced by manufacturers globally. The rapid growth of counterfeits is alarming for business owners because so much resources are being dedicated into research, product development and quality assurance for consumers. Counterfeiting disrupts product quality, reputation, sales, profits (which results from unfair competition) and reduces customer’s loyalty. […]

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