Smart Trackable Products offline and online.

We offer anti-counterfeit solutions for supply chain tracking, lastmile data aggregation and direct marketing.

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How it works


Create unique digital identities for each product or package on the blockchain network. Tag products with smart labels carrying numeric codes and QR codes.


Consumer centric product verification process via USSD and Mobile app scanner with instant airtime rewards as incentives. Android based data collectors are used for Enterprise businesses.

Relax, Track

Sit back, trace and monitor real time supply chain visibility end-to-end on your dashboard.
Track product location, performance and counterfeit reports.

Our Solutions

Last mile

Anti-connterfeit solution and last-mile consumer data analytics.


Brand loyalty and consumer engagement, voting and SMS marketing.

Supply chain

Real-time visibility of short and large enterprise supply chain, optimizing end-to-end transparency.

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