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Protection From Fake, Expired & Sub-standard Products

Chekkit works closely with manufacturers and regulatory bodies to make sure the products you buy & use are safe. With our products, you can verify original products, report fakes, and get rewarded for doing so.

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Protecting You Since 2018

We have been on a mission to save lives

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You Can Stop The Spread
Of Fake Products!

verify if a product i fake or original

Verify products before you buy or use them

You can verify products by dialing a USSD code or using ChekkitApp

Take Action! Report the bad products you're sold

Got a bad reaction or bought fake products? Report them with ChekkitApp

report fake and bad products
win rewards for verifying original products

Win gifts & rewards for doing the right thing

Everytime you verify an original product or report a fake one, you win something

Join The Fight Against Fake Products

You receive FREE airtime whenever you verify 5 products

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