Chekkit for Consumer Data & Insights™

Actionable Data & Insights, Straight From Your Consumers

  • Survey consumers at point of purchase (smartphone or not)
  • Build a database of your actual end-consumers
  • Access data collected and analytics in real-time on your dashboard
  • Secure your consumer data on a blockchain network

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Consumer Insights, Data Analytics & Data Collection

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Know Who Exactly Your Consumers Are

With data on demographics, location, etc you can clearly define who your consumers are and where they are

Understand Why Your Consumers Buy

Collect the feedback and opinions of consumers using short intuitive surveys and go deeper into their minds. You can easily utilize this for product sampling, research, and to understand consumer preferences.

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Consumer Insights, Data Analytics & Data Collection

Grow & Manage Your Consumer Database

All your consumer contacts and data in one place, segmented and organised. Add new consumers automatically as they purchase

Spot Patterns & Adapt Quickly

Make visual sense of the data collected with interactive graphs, charts and tables. Clearly understand purchase patterns, behaviours etc

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What Client’s Usually Ask About Our Consumer Data & Insights Solution


Yes. You can download data collected from surveys and authentication of your products but you can't download the contact details of consumers.

Consumers take the surveys with their smartphones or by dialing a USSD shortcode so you can survey both online and offline consumers

Yes. As consumers engage, you see everything in real-time

No. Chekkit is fully software based and eliminates the need for 3rd party research agencies and the likes.

This is a genuine concern that's why our solution is deployed on a blockchain network. Your consumer data is clean and can't be tampered with

Definitely! You can continue to create and send out surveys to your consumers via SMS prompting them to participate

IIn the campaigns we've run till date, clients like you have experienced between 60% - 80% engagement rates per campaign, clearly showing that Chekkit's methods work. Furthermore, you can use incentives as a motivator for their feedback

We always advice between 2 -3 questions per survey with each question carrying 3 - 4 options so drop off rates don't sky rocket. You can also create an unlimited number of surveys and have access to the responses of consumers.

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