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About Us

Securing global trade one product at a time.


Disruption, Transparency & Security

Our Mission

To provide real-time product authentication, consumer engagement and supply chain tracking services to producers of high quality human friendly products and ensure product integrity always.

Our Vision

Our vision is that one day, Chekkit labels will be the seal of genuity for every great product, ensuring we know the story of every product we consume. We believe that in a few years Chekkit platform will become the leading product distribution tracking technology in the world.


Our Story So Far

Chekkit was founded by Dare Odumade and Jida Asare, at Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, (MEST), in Accra, Ghana in 2018 and after sometime, Adebola Oyenuga with a background in artificial intelligence and Tosin Adelowo a digital product marketer joined up with the team as co-founders.


Touching Lives Is Important

counterfeits affecting africans

Using Nigeria as a case study and with over 200 million inhabitants (making it the biggest economy in Africa), the impact of counterfeit products is massive most especially to the about 180 million people still living in poverty. It is currently estimated that 40% of the goods in the market are counterfeits/substandard goods which have many at times lead to loss of life in extreme cases.

With our technology we aim to greatly improve the lives of the 180 million people who will have access to good drugs and consumables as a result of our work and also protect the thousands of local manufacturers so that their products stop getting ripped off. It is a tough challenge but its one we are determined to tackle and will successfully tackle.

core values

What Drives Us In All We Do?


Always ensuring our technology, data and the entire platform are resistant to fraud, manipulation or security codes duplication.


Always inventing new ways and strategies to achieving optimal productivity in all aspect of the business.


Attaining and maintaining high standards in the business and company’s operation, including how employees respect and interact with one another.

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